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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Booking procedure

Transportation can be ordered by using the order form here. After sending the order you will receive an automatic electronic booking confirmation. Subsequently, you will receive a confirmation of the final price for the services ordered. Speed car delivery is dependent on the driving distance from the city center and the current traffic situation. We always recommend ordering delivery vehicle with sufficient reserve in advance. Securing a car at any time of day or night without timely reservation in advance not guarantee. Creating orders using the booking form or phone number listed on the customer agrees to these terms and conditions. A customer who does not agree with these terms, is not entitled to make a reservation transport.

Modification / cancelation

If you want to correct, amend or cancel your reservation, please contact us by phone or email. If necessary, cancel your order please inform us as soon as possible, but at least at least 3 hours before bringing transport vehicle.

Meeting point with the driver

Place, time and manner of meeting with our driver can always be arranged individually according to your requirements. Unless otherwise specified, the following applies:

Václav Havel Prague Airport (Ruzyně): After your landing and handling (approximately about 20 minutes after landing) the driver will be waiting in the arrivals hall. Our driver will hold a sign with your name (or your company logo). If you are traveling with only hand luggage, inform us in advance and we will wait for you immediately upon your arrival.

Transportation from the address of residence / office / hotel: in your specified time and date we wait for your visit. In the case of transportation of your company we will wait in the lobby. If you order a pickup from the hotel, we will expect in the lobby.

Transportation from the train / bus station: the Main train station in Prague (formerly Wilson railway station - Hlavni Nadrazi) we will be waiting in the main hall next to the "Burger King" restaurant. At another station, we'll be waiting right on the platform, immediately after the arrival of your train or bus.


Cash directly to the driver in CZK. If you wish to pay in currencies other than local currency, the price will be recalculated based on the current exchange rate. Coins foreign currency other than the euro may not be accepted by the driver.

PayPal: If you are interested in this type of reimbursement request to input box Note our order form. They will be provided with the information needed for payment. The receipt of your payment, we immediately informed by telephone or email.

Bank transfer: If you are interested in this type of payment, please write the request to input box Note of our order form. We will be provide you the information needed for payment. We immediately inform you by telephone or email, when we receive your payment.


We guarantee 100% reliability duly ordered from our side confirmed services. The discontent eventually you are entitled to compensation of up to a maximum price of ordered services.

The operator of the website

The operator of reservation system on transportinprague.com offers to the site visitors an option of booking the transport of persons. Web site operator is not the carrier. All confirmed reservations provider of transportation services are mediated by drivers of vehicles taxi without taximeter or taxi drivers of vehicles with a taximeter. Unless stated otherwise, the contract of carriage concluded by the customer with a driver at the moment of getting into the vehicle.

Intellectual Property Rights

The operator of the site is the exclusive owner of all rights, title and interest (resulting from intellectual property rights), (appearance and user aspects (including infrastructure)) website where the service is available (including reviews and translated content) are not so free express consent in written form, may copy, perform web-scraping, create links (hyperlinks / direct), publish, promote, integrate, use, combine, share or in any way exploit the content (including any translation thereof and guest) or our logo . Any illegal use or any of the aforementioned action or behavior is considered a serious violation of intellectual property rights (including copyright and copyright applicable to databases and source codes reservation system)

Validity of the terms and conditions

Terms and conditions (see above) are valid for an indefinite period starting on 23 September 2015. In the event of changes to these conditions that the operator reserves the website, are binding for the customer business conditions in the version in force at the time when the order is sent.